Terms & Conditions of Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd

Approval to Terms & Conditions

You’re accessing and utilizing Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd.’s website ("Sars Infotech" or “the website”) which is subject solely to these terms and conditions. You are not entitled to use Sars Infotech for any objective that is illegal or banned by the following T&Cs. If you are not with the consent of these T&Cs, you must halt utilizing Sars Infotech at immediate effect else it will be called as your approval of usage.


  • Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. will implement function only where a written purchase order is offered by email or post.
  • The costing for the Domain name registration and Website Hosting space will be bear by the client.
  • The costing or fees for any Product or Services taken are non-refundable. Clients are advised to think twice before purchasing any Product/ Services from “Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd” .
  • A representative of the client would have to be always available for the coordination of our working team on your project as you will be assigned a project manager for your project and you shall be entitled to have a future conversation with the same person.
  • Any maintenance charges occur during the project shall be bear by the client.
  • There shall be a start and end date of the project in which you are required to supply us with all the needful content. If there is no end date of the project then we may understand all the needful concerns and would provide you with the necessary data at fixed intervals.
  • The end date of the project may vary if in case the needed content is not supplied by the client.

Modification to Website

Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. reserves the right to:

  • Modify or Remove (Temporary or Permanent) the whole website or any big or small segment of it without prior notice. Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. shall not be answerable to anyone for any like modification or dismissal.
  • Modify these T&Cs at any point of time, and your ongoing utilization of the website following any modification shall be considered to be your approval of those certain modifications.

Website Design

Although every single attempt of Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. will be executed to confirm that the website and any activity done by us is free of mistakes but Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. will not agree any undertaking for any losses sustained just because of failure, the website or some segment of it. The website, the webserver, graphics, content, and any other programming code will be the property of Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Any function accomplished (unless specifically agreed) by Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. remains under the copyright of Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. and shall only likely be officially replicated or resold with the allowance of Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd.

  • Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. is not taking any responsibility for any copyright violations because of materials provided by the clientele.
  • Any expansions to the summary shall be conducted at the prudence of Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. and where no cost is done by Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. for alike expansions, Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. approve no responsibility to confirm alike expansions are mistakes-free and reserve the right to charge a pursuant cost for any modification to these or further expansions.
  • Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. shall not be entitled to any prices caused, compensation or harm of revenue just because of the operation performed on behalf of the client or the client’s representative.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. shall not be entitled to our clients’ respective organizations or their works. By taking our prime SMM Services, you are responsible to give each and every data of your works for which you will be fully responsible. We will not take any guarantee of your organizations’ work methodology, work structure, benefits, or losses incurred.

App, Data and E-Commerce Development

  • The Website is offered on an "AS AVAILABLE" grounds. To the extent permitted by law, Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. shall not be entitled to any indirect loss (comprising without constraint harm of trading, opportunity, details, gains) whatever result of or in relation to the utilization of the website.
  • Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. ensures no statement that the utility of the website will be unbroken or error-less, that flaws will be rectified or that the website or the web server that drives it ready; are virus-free or anything else which might be injurious.


If any of the T&Cs is found to be invalid, illicit or unenforceable for any cause by any court of competent jurisdiction then that T&C shall be divided and the rest T&Cs shall last and be in full force and remain to be obligatory and applicable.

Payment of Accounts

A deposit might be needed via a fresh client before any beginning of any function is performed. In complete cases, website hosting fees and any special prices sustained by Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. on behalf of the client are payable in advance and cannot be refunded at any cost.

It is the Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. policy that any outstanding accounts for function performed by Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. or its sister verticals are needed to be paid completely, not later than 15 days from the invoice generation date unless by some previous agreement with Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. If payments are not completed or Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. has not been approached about the late processing, access to the relevant website may be rejected. Charges related to the web hosting or domain names shall be paid before the expiration date of the mentioned Product/ Service and in the case, if the fees will be due at the time of Product/ Service expiration, we will cancel said service with urgent effect and any data retained by said service shall be eliminated.

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

The charges or Packages Prices paid for any Product/ Services are non-refundable at any cost whereas Cancellation can occur within a period of 7 days from the invoice-generation date and a mere 50% amount paid will be refunded by the company.

Content Policy

You are COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for your content. i.e. You are lawfully entitled to all information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials (‘Content’) uploaded, posted or stored through the use of our crucial Products/ Services. You must be in consent not to utilize the Services for any illicit objection or in violation of any applicable local, state, federal or international law. You are urged to cross-check your Content routinely and constantly. You should be fully aware of any Content that may be gone or irretrievable via your utilization of the Services. You are required to supply all of the needed and suitable warnings, info, and disclosure. You should be in the consent that you will not utilize the Services to share, store, or in any different way to dispense economic data that is not in accord with the law. Any user presumed of having info which comprises cheat, misuse, money laundering, Intel, assist for terrorism, or any other operation prohibited by law may have their records finished, their economic data deleted, and they also may be stated to law implement leaders in the right jurisdictions.

Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. isn’t responsible in any circumstances for the Content or info you provide to Sars Infotech Pvt Ltd. We won’t be responsible for additional client's organizational affairs during or after making the website live, or doing the related Social Media Marketing. Its total liabilities are on clients (business owner), if there would be any business risk, cheat in their business module or with their respective client relation, or any payment transaction-related issues with their client, then it would be totally on the website/ business owner.